supply the correct form of the words in brackets

7. The special effects in Jurassic Park are ___________! The dinosaurs look so sánh real and alive

A. Visible             B. incredible                   C. terrible                       D. believable

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8. For a ___________, that film wasn’t very funny. I didn’t laugh once.

A. Thriller            B. romance           C. documentary              D. comedy

9. That vampire film was extremely ____________. I had my eyes closed half on the time!

A. hilarious B. moving                      C. gripping                              D. scary

10. “Could I ask you a few question about your favorite movies?”____________________

A. That sound good.                                   C. Sure. Go ahead

B. Not a bad idea                              D. But I don’t want to tướng.

IV. Write the correct tense or khuông of the verbs in brackets.

1. Last month I___________ (join) a course to tướng learn how to tướng make Christmas decorations.

2. Right now, the stars _______________(parade) on the red carpet at the CannesFilm Festival.

3. The Songkran Festival _______________  (mark) the beginning of the Thai New Year.

4. The first Oktoberfest Festival ________________ (hold) on October 12,1810 in Munich.

5. The biggest prize, the Palme d’Or, ___________ (award) to tướng the best film.

6. Next year, the festival ___________      (take place) from June 26th to tướng July 1st.

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7. The Elephant Racing Festival ___________ (be) the village’s most Importantand interesting sự kiện for years.

8. _________________ (you/ ever/ attend) any food festivals?

9. I’d lượt thích you ___________ (write) up your reports on festivals around the world.

10. He suggested ______________ (take) part in the Cooper’s Hill Cheese Roll competition.

V. Supply the correct khuông of the words in brackets.

1. The office looked very ______________with its Christmas tree, (festival)

2. Samba schools compete for prizes based on their music and dance       ______________and costumes. (perform)

3. La Tomatina will always be one of my most______________memories ever! (amaze)

4. Friday the 13th is considered an unlucky day in Western______________. (superstitious)

5. On New Year’s Eve I usually give a tiệc nhỏ, which is always______________. (chaos)

6. Day of the Dead is one of the most______________festivals in the world. (usually)

7. Christmas dinner is a meal______________eaten at Christmas. (tradition)

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8. A lot of______________ activities are held as part of the Flower Festival in Da Lat. (art)

9. Every year, millions of______________visit Rio de Janeiro to tướng enjoy the Rio Carnival.(tour)

10. Festivals with a______________meaning are very important in our country. (religion)