i... to new york three times this year

. He ___________to Thành Phố New York three times this year.

       A. was                               B. had been                    C. is                                 D. has been

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2. The second World War _________________in 1939.

       A. started                           B. starts                          C. has started                  D. start

3. We ______ as soon as you have finished your work.

       A. will go                           B. go                              C. went                           D. have gone

4. I ______ the book by the time you come tonight.

       A. will be finishing            B. have finished             C. will have finished       D. finished

5. Television ___________ very popular since 1950s.

       A. has been                        B. was                            C. had been                     D. is       

6. Peter _____________ at the moment, ví he can't answer the phone.

       A. has worked                   B. is working                  C. worked                       D. works

7. Don't go anywhere until I ______ back.

       A. came                             B. have come                 C. come                           D. will come

8. The King just ____________ here yesterday.

       A. had come                      B. comes                        C. has come                    D. came

9. It is the largest ship I_____________.

       A. had seen                        B. saw                            C. have ever seen            D. see

10.At 8 o’clock this evening, my friends and I ________ a famous film in the cinema

      A. will watch                  B. watched                  C. will be watching      D. have watched

11. Mary ____________ an hour ago.

       A. phoned                          B. has phoned                C. phones                        D. was phoning

12. This is the house that Jack _________ three years ago.

       A. was building                 B. builds                         C. had built                     D. built

13. Don't make noise. My mother ___________with her friends.

       A. talked                            B. talks                           C. is talking                     D. was talking

14. She ______ the piano since she was ten years old.

A. played                                  B. has played            C. plays                                D. had played

15. Up to tướng now, I ___________ a lot of information about her.

       A. learnt                             B. would learn               C. learn                           D. have learnt

16. Mary ___________ in London for 15 years.

       A. lives                              B. was living                  C. is living                       D. has lived

17. I'm hungry now. I _________ anything today.

       A. didn't eat                      B. haven't eaten             C. don't eat                     D. won't eat

18. When we arrived trang chủ last night, everybody ___________ .

A. has already slept                    B. had already slept    

      C. was already sleeping                                             D. already sleeping

19. Mark Twain _________ loved his wife before he met her.

       A. is                                   B. was                            C. has                              D. had

20. How __________ since we left school?

       A. will you                  B. have you been    C. are youD. are you being

21. They _________ a presentation at this time tomorrow morning.

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      A. are making                 B. are going to tướng make   C. will be making          D. will making

22. Mary ____________ an hour ago.

       A. don't see                       B. hadn't seen                C. didn't see                    D. haven't seen

23. What will Nam tự when he __________ school next year?

       A. could finish                   B. will finish                  C. has finished                D. finishes

24. I ____________in Hanoi before I moved to tướng Hồ Chí Minh City.

       A. had been living             B. had lived                  

C. have lived                             D. have been living

25. When I was a boy, I _____________tea to tướng coffee.

       A. preferred                       B. was preferring           C. have preferred            D. prefer

26.  He went back to tướng work in his country after he ________his course on Advanced Engineering in  London.

       A. was finishing                B. finishes                      C. has finished                D. had finished

27. He __________up his mind yet.

       A. hasn't made                   B. didn't make               C. wasn't making            D. wasn't make

28. I ______ TV while my father ______ a newspaper last night.

       A. am watching / was reading                                  B. was watching / was reading

       C. am watching / is reading                                      D. was watching / is reading

29. Tom and Mary _________for Vietnam tomorrow.

       A. have left                        B. leaving                       C. leave                           D. will leave

30.  The science lessons in this class ________ difficult today.

       A. are       B. be       C. was            D is

 31. - Peter, please help bầm tự the washing up. - Sorry, Mum. I ______ TV.

       A. had watched                 B. am watching              C. watched                     D. watch

 32. He has _________ in giving up smoking.

       A. succeeds                       B. succeed                      C. succeeded                  D. succeeding

 33. While I ____________TV last night, a mouse ran across the room.

       A. was watching                B. am watching              C. watched                     D. watch

 34. It rained yesterday after it _____________ dry for months.

       A. is                                   B. will be                        C. had been                     D. has been

 35.I’m going on holiday. This time next week I _______on the beach in the sea.

A. will lie                                  B. am lying                     C. will be lying               D. lie

 36. We must start  now. The next train _________ at 2:15 p.m.

       A. will leave                       B. has leave                    C. left                              D leaves

 37. The motorway ____ in 1986.

       A. finished                         B. has finished               C. finishes                       D.  was finished

 38. What were you ___________ at 8:00 last night?

      A. do                                   B. doing                         C. done                           D. did

 39. She'll be a millionaire by the time she _____ forty.

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       A. was                               B. will be                        C. is                                 D. is going to tướng be

40. People ________ English and French in Canada.

       A. are speaking                  B. had spoken                C. have spoken               D. speak