i asked him how far was it to the station if i went there by taxi

II. Choose the word or phrase in each of the following sentences that needs correcting.

31. I asked him how far was it to tướng the station if I went there by xe taxi.

Bạn đang xem: i asked him how far was it to the station if i went there by taxi

          A                            B                            C                         D

32. They asked u that I could vì thế the shopping for them.

                               A            B        C                  D

33. Her mother ordered her vì thế not go out with him the night before.

                             A                   B                      C                       D

34. She said that the books in the library would be available tomorrow.

               A                           B                        C                            D

35. He advised her thinking about that example again because it needed correcting.

                 A                      B                                     C                                      D

III. Change each of the following sentences into reported speech.

36.  John said, “I want to tướng attend a famous university.”

  à John said ________________________________________________

37. “I’m looking for the book you gave u last week,” Mary said to tướng Peter.

 à Mary told Peter_____________________________________________

38.  Janet said to tướng John, “I did not promise to tướng send you a telegram.”

  à Janet _____________________________________________________

39. “I will get myself a drink,” she said.

  à She said ___________________________________________________

40. “I cannot drive them home page,” he said.

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  à He said _____________________________________________________

41. “Peter, vì thế you prefer tea or coffee?” she said.

  à She _______________________________________________________

42. “The film began at seven o'clock,” he said.

  à He said ____________________________________________________

43. The father said, “I was on a business trip the whole day yesterday.”

  à The father ___________________________________________________

44. “My brother will get married next month,” James said.

  à James ______________________________________________________

45. Henry said to tướng his mother, “Come and spend a week with us.”

  à Henry told __________________________________________________

46. He said to tướng u, “Keep a seat for u in the lecture hall.”

  à He _________________________________________________________

47. Mike said to tướng Henry, “Give u my book back, please.”

  à Mike ______________________________________________________

48. “Don't play on the grass, boys,” she said.

  à She _________________________________________________________

49. “Don't make so sánh much noise,” he said.

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  à He ___________________________________________________________

50. Jane said to tướng Mary, “Will you be không lấy phí tomorrow?”

  à Jane asked _____________________________________________________